Amazed at the facilities of Visakhapatnam Public Library - P. Sahithya, I.F.S. ( Probationer)

  • August 20 , 2022
  • Location : Visakhapatnam Public Library

                        P.Sahithya , IFS (Probationer)   has visited the Visakhapatnam Public Library on 20th August ,2022 and went around all the sections and interacted with the Career aspirants . She expressed her pleasure about the facilities and Maintenance of the library and she was amazing to see the infrastructure and modern technological operations in library administration and the services extended to the career aspirants. Having studied in New jersey of united states and with the experience of visiting several libraries , she opined that this is the best library she has ever seen.

P.Sahithya is native of Visakhapatnam city , secured 24th Rank in the UPSC Civil service  exams and opted for Indian Foreign Services.

She has addressed the career aspirants on the theme ‘Coming together for Dissemination of Knowledge’ . She shared her experience in preparing for civils and techniques in facing the examinations and books to be selected for preparation. She has stated that every failure during the course is a steppingstone for our success.   D.S.Varma, Secretary VPLS  presided over the meeting and Dr.S.Vijayakumar  President VPLS and Sastry , founding member  were present. On the occasion MS.Sahithya has been felicitated by the team of Visakhapatnam Public Library.