District Collector Dr. A. Mallikarjuna visited Visakhapatnam Public Library

  • October 27 , 2023
  • Location : Visakhapatnam Public Library

            District Collector and Magistrate Dr. A. Mallikarjuna visited Visakhapatnam Public Library. He visited all sections of the library and expressed happiness over the effecting functioning of the library. Later a meeting was held D.S.Varma garu introduced the collector Mallikarjuna. Collector addressed the student members of the library. He revealed his association with the books in library in his home town. He gave an inspiring message to the students to prepare for the exams and how to overcome stress he advised the students to utilize the facilities provided in the library. He said give the most time which is important in your life and less the importance which is unnecessary.

            Prof A.Prasanna Kumar spoke about the development of the library.  T.S.R. Prasad Vice President, Dr. D.V. Surya Rao - Jt. Secretary, Committee members Dr.B.S. Sastri garu and other staff  participated in this program.