Today Visakhapatnam Public Library Inaugurated E -Learning Center .

  • May 09 , 2019
  • Location : Visakhapatnam

                     Sri. M.T.Krishna Babu  , I.A.S. Chairman ,VPT , visited our Library. Library committee approached chairman to sanction 10,000 to open a computer section in  the Library. But the Chairman was granted 25,00,000 and suggested be a present requirement for the students to E -learning center according to the Library committee  made a E-learning Center  41 computers in the Library. Library Committee Requested a chairman to opening the e-learning  Center  for benefit of career guidance students. The chairman today inaugurated  E-Learning  center and he also  advised the students to gain self-confidence to esteemed goal. He is  given his own experience how he achieved present  position  by self learning  and correcting mistakes and gaining confidence. 

                Further suggested for his learning  VPT,  he offered to sanction Rs.10,00,000 to utilize for the center and also The ZP Chairman Sri, T.L. Harinath also offered to sympathetic our requirement.