Visakhapatnam: Need to create awareness among people on the importance of judiciary, says former SC Judge Lavu Nageswara Rao

  • December 22 , 2019
  • Location : Visakhapatnam Public Library

Judicial activism is necessary for the protection of the rights of the individual and the liberty and security of the people at large. The preamble to the Constitution reminds us that we gave the Constitution to ourselves and it is the duty of the people to get their grievances redressed through constituional courts when their rights are violated', said Justice Lavu Nageswara Rao, retired judge of the Supreme Court. Delivering the 5th DV Subba Rao Memorial lecture organized today by  the Centre for Policy Studies and Visakhapatnam  Public Library, Justice Nageswara Rao underscored the need for Judicial activism without stretching it beyond the judicial domain.The large gathering including local judges and other prominent persons heard the memorial oration with rapt attention. Justice DVSS Somayajulu, Judge AP High Court introduced Justice Nageswara Rao. Prof A.Prasanna Kumar who presided over the meeting recalled Granville Austin's words that the judiciary despite its failings was the most respected of the three branches of the government. Its conduct from the lowest to the highest would both increase and subtract from that respect as the years passed. During the Nehru years, the principles for the judicial system in the service of democracy and social revolution had been firmly esatblished. It was Palkhivala who wrote that Justice and Rule of Law are perhaps two of the noblest concepts evolved by the wisdom of man. Mr.DS Varma Secretary, welcomed the gathering.